English-born Colin Strong was in the British army in Cypress during the disturbances there in the 1950’s.  He opened his first antique shop in the famous ‘Lanes’ in Brighton, England in 1966.  He moved to Naples, Florida with his wife, Linda, in 1982.  He once owned the former site of the Harmon-Meek Gallery, later Congress Jewelers, on the affluent 5th Avenue South.  He now presides over Colin Strong Antiques located at 975 Central Avenue.  It truly looks more like a museum than a store inside.  Walking into his shop takes the customer back through the centuries and into a past full of curiosities and history.  He sits at his desk, as comfortable as an English lord – which he is.  Lord Colin Strong of Brecon (a town that sits on the English and Welsh borders).  He specializes in armor and vintage firearms.


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