Features Of The Week December 2016

This week’s feature antiques are a pair of Newton’s table globes and a pair of Regency card tables.  They will be also featured on my website and will show on the feature page for the duration of the week.  It will then be replaced the following week will a new item and so forth.

Pair of Newton’s table globes. Dated 1826.  12” globe.  Standing 18” high celestial and terrestrial.  Signed and dated.  Published 1st July 1826, by I&W. Newton, Chancery Lane, London. Original stands, original condition $15,000.00.

Pair of Regency card tables. Nice condition. 35”wide x 29th high x 17” deep.  $5,000.00 for the pair.

Also featured is an early bronze Arabic ring dial and a cased equinox sundial compass. 18th century.